Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Favourites

This shower gel smells like a cross between Miss Dior and Coco Mademoiselle! If that doesn't make it a life time favourite then I don't know what will! As if that isn't enough it has a built in moisturiser so your skin feels nice and soft when you're done. Great for girls (like me) who often can't be bothered/ are too busy/ in a rush to moisturise post shower. Any multifunctional product that saves on time is a winner with me.

Another great time saver from Soap & Glory, this clever little foot cream contains exfoliating fruit acids which gently eat away at all the dead skin. Slather on a generous amount, pop on some socks before  bed time and wake up to baby soft feet that feel like they've been scrubbed at for hours. This is all you need for sandal season.

Aside from the terrible product name, I've been loving this recently. In attempt to 'save' my hair, which is currently in terrible condition I've been laying off the hairdryer and straighteners and going au naturel. A blob of this post hair wash means hair dries into curls rather than just a frizzy mess. Plus who wants to be sweating with the hair dryer in this heat?

This is something I bought quite recently and have been using some nights instead of a night cream. I have previously tried The Body Shop's Aloe Restoring Mask which I used to use in the same way, and I much prefer this one! It has a really light, jelly like texture and feels really fresh when you apply it. When I wake up in the morning it has all sunk in and I'm left with really soft, plumped up skin. 

I love this fragrance in the summertime, I had a bottle of this back when I was in school and although I've grown out of all the other ones I liked, this has remained a firm favourite. It's really fresh and citrusy and takes me back to when I wore it on my honeymoon. 

This is a great chip resistant formula that lasts about 5 days without chipping, I'm really into bluey green polishes at the moment.

A lovely balmy primer which I've been using under makeup to keep makeup put and shine at bay, I've also been using The Body Shop's Tea Tree Pore Minimiser which I did a full review of here

Sephora - Highlighting Compact Powder in Golden

This is a great highlighting powder which I bought from Sephora on a recent trip to France, it smells a bit like talcum powder, which I still can't decide if I like or not but either way the powder leaves the face with a nice glow.

This eyeshadow pencil is a lovely rich shimmery copper and is really easy to use, a quick swipe over the lids, blended in with i finger and it's there to stay. As it's waterproof it won't budge till you remove it, great in this hot weather. 

I've been trying out a sample of this foundation and I really like it. I'm planning to buy it when I'm on holiday in America where it's a lot cheaper. It leaves an amazingly natural finish in spite of being medium to full coverage.   

I did a full review of this which you can check out here, it's a great matte mid toned brown eyeshadow which I've been using to fill in brows and all over the lid. Definitely a long term favourite. 

A quick slick of this Lip Butter leaves lips with a sheer wash of colour which can also built be built up for a strong statement pout. They are pretty foolproof so can be thrown into your bag and applied without a mirror!

What products have you been loving in July? 


Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Today's Nails of the Day are Lemon Ice Cream by Barry M, a lovely pastel yellow that's perfect for the summer. I've had this one a very long time and unfortunately it has gone a little gloopy, nothing a spot of remover and a few shakes won't fix! I love the Barry M formulas, they last really well and at 2.99 from Superdrug, they're really great value! 


Monday, 29 July 2013

Review: Nars Eyeshadow - Blondie and Night Star

The Nars eyeshadows are excellent quality, highly pigmented and very long lasting.

First up is Night Star, (Left) a beautiful pearlescent champagne with the most delicate soft gold sparkle running through it. The picture just doesn't do it justice, you need to head over to your nearest counter and see it for yourself. If Tinkerbell made fairy dust for grownups, this is what it would look like! A light wash leaves lids with a delicate shimmer, packed on with a flat brush gives a medium coverage or my favourite method of application, layered on top of a champagne hued creaseproof cream shadow really gives you the full effect. 

Blondie (Right) is my favourite, and most versatile eyeshadow ever. Possibly the first shadow I'll ever hit pan on! A matte mid toned brown which is perfect in the crease and blended into pretty much every eyeshadow. Own its own all over the lid and through the crease leaves you looking like you have naturally contoured lids, always a bonus! I also use this with a small angled brush to fill in any sparse areas in my brows or push into the lash line to make lashes look thicker.

These two eyeshadows are are a great combination, I love them so much I wore them together on my wedding day! I started with my trusty Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion then applied Night Star all over the lid, under the brow bone and in the inner corners. I then blended Blondie into the crease and into the lash line and blended again! Its a lovely soft and natural look that's perfect for weddings!

What are your favourite Nars eyeshadow shades?


Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Body Shop Haul

Earth Lovers Apricot and Basil Showel Gel

This 100% Biodegradable Shower Gel from The Body Shop's Earth Lovers range smells deliciously fresh and sweet. I've had this shower gel before, I took it away with me when I went away on my honeymoon and the fragrance really takes me back.

Papaya Body Butter

The Body Shop's Papaya Body Butter is one that is only sold during sale times, as it's not available that often I thought I'd give it a go. I've yet to try a Body Shop body butter that I don't like so I'm sure this won't disappoint. 

I'm onto my third (of fourth, I can't quite remember) bottle of this one. It's a great cream cleanser, massaged onto dry skin it completely breaks down all makeup and wiped away with a warm damp flannel it leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Ever since I stopped using foaming cleansers I've seen a huge improvement in my skin. 

I've previously tried the Vitamin E Moisture Cream and the Aloe Vera Protective Restoring Mask, both of which I love. But this seemed to be a cross between the two so I thought I'd give it a go! It has a light jelly like texture and sinks into the skin with out leaving a residue.

The Mango Lip Butter has a lovely smooth texture and applies clear, unlike some of the other Body Shop lip butters which can go on white and pasty. It smells nice and fruity and is perfect for the summer!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your favourites from The Body Shop?


Friday, 26 July 2013

Sleek Palettes

When it comes to high street blushers, no one does 'em quite like Sleek! Lets start with the packaging which is really, ermm. . . Sleek? There really isn't any other way to describe it! Lovely thin, black compacts with no extra bulk (or useless brushes) that fit into a small makeup bag nicely. 

I have the Blush by 3 in Pumpkin (top) and the Face Contour Kit in Light (bottom)

The former contains 3 highly pigmented blushers with serious colour payoff, all lovely shades that would suit any skin tone, if used correctly. This definitely isn't one for heavy handed application, you will look like a clown (you have been warned!) Dab the pan very lightly, preferably with a duo fibre brush as they pick up less product, dust of onto the back of your hand and then apply gradually. You can always add more but you can't take away! 

Scary as these might look, when applied and blended out, really look lovely, fresh and summery. You can quite easily go for a subtle, natural look or build it up to be a statement. If you do the latter I suggest keeping the rest of your makeup look minimal, a good base, some mascara and a bit of lip balm ought to do it!

Next up is the Face Contour Kit in Light, again split into 3, the first is a peach blusher with gold shimmer running through it, extremely similar to THAT blusher from Nars. This is a great one for tired and dull skin days, it seems to really brighten the skin and make you look fresher and healthier. In the middle is a light champagne coloured highlighter, dusted onto the tops of cheekbones and along the centre of the nose, this one also gives the skin a lovely glow. Although I do tend to keep this one just for evenings as it it quite shimmery. Last up is a matte bronzer which is very versatile, dust all over to add a bit of colour or build up in the cheekbone hollows for a contoured look. I tend to use this one when I want a subtle contour, as I find it looks a little ashy and dull against my skin tone if I build it up too much. That said I hear it works really well built up on fairer skin tones. 

These are both great little kits, and are available in lots of other colours, next on my wish list is the Sweet Cheeks palette which has a cream blusher formula in it! At 9.99 each from superdrug they are great value for 3 such good quality blushers, and being so pigmented they will last a really long time! 

Have you tried any Sleek blushers? What colours would you recommend?


Thursday, 25 July 2013

Review - The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser

The Tea Tree Pore Minimiser from The Body Shop has been an absolute essential in this hot weather. 'Pores look smaller, skin feels purer, smoothes, primes and instantly mattifies' And it seems to do just that, much better than the 2 in 1 mattifying moisturisers, this product has a smooth balm like texture and has a lovely fresh tea tree scent which is extremely refreshing on a hot day. It applies smoothly onto the skin and sinks in straight away leaving a lovely matte finish and making pores less noticeable. It creates a great base for makeup, allowing your foundation to look dewy and fresh but not letting any oil (or sweat, yuck!) show through. 

This is great for me because I'm not a huge fan of setting my makeup with powder - I really don't like that horrible cakey look or feeling you get if you powder a few too many times, and with this I don't need to powder at all! Plus, a tea tree balm must be better for your skin, purely because its not clogging up your skin and leaving you with congestion as powder might and tea tree is a natural antiseptic. I tend to use this just on my nose and and just beside my nose as thats where I need it, but it would definitely work well applied over the whole face. If on the rare (and very sweaty) occasion that shine does come through a rice grain sized blob gently dabbed on over makeup sorts it out in a flash. 

That said I'm not sure this really does anything long term, it won't permanently shrink your pores or stop your skin producing excess oil, so don't expect it too! But, If you're looking for something that works on a temporary level, this is definitely a good one to try! It's a great one for the guys too as the balm is colourless, and the scent and packaging are not 'girly'.

At  £7.50 it's pretty good value as a tube will last you a really long time (even with a rather heavy handed hubby helping himself to it every now and then) and if you get it when The Body Shop have 40% off as I did it's even better! 

Have you ever tried this product or anything similar? 


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Gentlemen of the Road - Day 2

Day 2 of Gentlemen of the Road was amazing. (If you missed Day 1 you can read all about it here) We got there late afternoon and grabbed some more  Rekordelig Wild Berry Cider as well as some fresh juicy cherries. 

Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit were on, a band I hadn't come across before but now love! It's always a great feeling discovering a new band and trawling though youtube for as much of their work as you can find!

The sun was shining and everyone was having a great time.

Soon the Mystery Jets came on . . .

And then Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Our thoughts started to turn . . . .

towards food! So we went to grab some delicious hot dogs and curly fries, Not the healthiest of options but we were at a festival after all!

We spent 45 minutes in the hotdog queue only for them to be handed over as The Vaccines came on! So we ran towards the stage, scoffing as we went!

Their performance was incredible, they had a huge amount of energy and everyone was singing and jumping along! 

Definitely a highlight of the weekend!

Soon it was the time that everyone had been waiting for

Mumford & Sons!!

Their performance was everything we had hoped for and more!

Everyone was up and trying to get as close to the stage as possible

Some lovely fairy lights came on and everyone was dazed, it was the perfect summer evening.

Upon leaving we discovered that we had missed the big signs at the main entrance on both days so took a quick snap.

It was a wonderful weekend filled with great food, music and memories. Can't wait for next year!


Monday, 22 July 2013


The Natural Collection nail varnishes have never particularly appealed to me. Their colours are a bit pearly and dated and I've never heard anything particularly good about them. That said this one in Hibiscus caught my eye, a lovely raspberry pink, bright enough for summer but berry enough for winter with a lovely cream finish made it's way into my basket, for 1.89 I thought it was worth the risk. 

The formula was a bit disappointing, it was difficult to get an even coverage as it was very streaky and it needed 3 coats to get the colour that appeared in the bottle. The brush isn't great either, small and round with long bristles that are hard to control. So overall I'm afraid it was a thumbs down for Natural Collection!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Gentlemen of the Road - Lewes Stopover Day 1

In 2012 we began hosting our Gentlemen of the Road Stopovers, a global series of events in small cities and towns around the world. We spent months selecting unique places, creating venues, building the lineups, planning the aftershows, and getting to know the local people who helped make the whole thing work. The results were some of the most amazing and memorable shows we've ever played – and we've played a lot of shows! We hope those of you who made it had as much fun as we did.
This year we've expanded the lineups, changed the format, and worked to improve the experience in ways big and small. We have new towns, new countries, new artists, and new campsites that will become an intimate part of each event. Plus tons of surprises you'll have to see for yourselves! We really couldn't be more excited. But the spirit of the project remains: a music festival that celebrates local people, food and culture, where everyone pitches in and everybody gets something back.
Please join us if you can.
Mumford & Sons

We arrived at the venue very excited and a bit late! The Lineup for day 1 was Youth Lagoon, White Denim, British Sea Power and Vampire Weekend. We arrived while British Sea Power were on!

We grabbed our lovely ribbon wristbands,

And a drink, my drink of choice was Rekorderlig Wild Berry Cider, something I'd never tried before but rather enjoyed! Really sweet and fruity, a good one to try if like me you don't like the taste of beer or cider. 

We found a good spot and got comfy.

When Vampire Weekend finally came on the crowd went wild! Everyone was very excited and the atmosphere was buzzing.

We managed to creep a bit closer to the stage and got lost in the crowd. 

It was a wonderful day and we're really looking forward to day 2! 


Saturday, 20 July 2013

Empties #1

I love anything that smells orangey and fruity and the entire Body Shop Satsuma Range smells amazing! (as with a lot of their products) This shower gel is no exception! Will I repurchase this? Probably at some point, but at the moment I have quite a few shower gels stashed away and when I do buy some more I'll probably try out some of the other fragrances.

A lovely hand cream and a favourite among many, this one is great for dry hands and lived on top of my muji makeup storage! I used it a few times a day so I got through it quite quickly. Repurchase? Definitely! Next time I'll be getting the bigger size one which comes in a bottle with a pump (I spotted it in my sister's bathroom) and also possibly a mini one for my handbag!

This is the BEST body scrub I have ever tried, and trust me, I've tried a lot! Packed full of the scrubbiest of particles in a base that leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised without the oily residue. You definitely feel scrubbed after this one! I'll definitely be repurchasing this one once I've got through the Sephora one I'm using at the moment. 

I hate to say mean things, but this really isn't very nice. At all. I applied it in the hope that it would give my already dark skin a nice warm glow and stop it looking dull in the winter months, which it kind of did, but it left my hands really, really orange afterwards in spite of washing them throughly when I was done. It also has that really terrible fake tan smell which I really dislike! Definitely won't be repurchasing!

This is a really lovely cream cleanser, I massage a dollop onto a dry, fully made-up face in the evening and wipe off with a warm damp flannel and it takes off every bit of makeup. It leaves the skin feeling nicely plumped up rather than screaming out for moisturiser. It's been a while now since I ditched the foaming facial cleaners and the benefits to my skin have be tremendous. This was already my second bottle of the stuff and the next one is already by my sink. 

As I love the cleanser from this range so much I thought I'd give the moisturiser a go! It's a lovely light moisturiser which sinks into the skin nicely and keeps it moisturised all day. It also creates a great base for makeup, allowing your foundation to sit nicely on the skin and look natural. Unfortunately it doesn't contain an SPF, so one needs to be added on top. Will I repurchase this? Possibly in the future, but for now I'll be trying out a few others I have my eye on! 

These radiance boosting pads promise to resurface the skin using glycolic acid, therefore reducing pigmentation/sunspots, softening fine lines and generally improving skin texture, and they do exactly that! The instructions tell you to use them once or twice daily but as my skin is a little on the sensitive side I used one every other night, which meant they lasted quite a long time! They are great if you have blocked pores. These ran out a couple of weeks ago and I can already see the difference from not using them.  Much as I love these, I won't be repurchasing them right away as there are a few similar products on the market that I'd like to try out first. 

This is a great product for naturally curly and wavy hair and it's as cheap as chips! (Or possibly cheaper depending on where you're buying your chips from) It's just 1.89 for the small size! I've been using this since I was about 12 and Ive yet to find anything better! On days when I can't be bothered to blow dry my hair I put in a pump of serum and a 10p sized blob of this, run it through and just leave it! It seems to group all the frizz together into lovely spirally curls. This also comes in a larger size, which is the one I usually buy but the small one is great for holidays! Already repurchased. 

This is a lovely primer and the best high-street (drugstore) one I've tried so far. It applies really nicely and gives your skin that lovely velvety finish. As with most primers, it helps your foundation go on really nicely and last a lot longer. The only annoying thing about this is the pot that it comes in! It's quite a narrow pot and you really have to dig your fingers in to get the product out, not great if you have long nails! I may repurchase this in the future but I think I'll try out the Garnier Perfect Blur one next!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

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