Saturday, 20 July 2013

Empties #1

I love anything that smells orangey and fruity and the entire Body Shop Satsuma Range smells amazing! (as with a lot of their products) This shower gel is no exception! Will I repurchase this? Probably at some point, but at the moment I have quite a few shower gels stashed away and when I do buy some more I'll probably try out some of the other fragrances.

A lovely hand cream and a favourite among many, this one is great for dry hands and lived on top of my muji makeup storage! I used it a few times a day so I got through it quite quickly. Repurchase? Definitely! Next time I'll be getting the bigger size one which comes in a bottle with a pump (I spotted it in my sister's bathroom) and also possibly a mini one for my handbag!

This is the BEST body scrub I have ever tried, and trust me, I've tried a lot! Packed full of the scrubbiest of particles in a base that leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised without the oily residue. You definitely feel scrubbed after this one! I'll definitely be repurchasing this one once I've got through the Sephora one I'm using at the moment. 

I hate to say mean things, but this really isn't very nice. At all. I applied it in the hope that it would give my already dark skin a nice warm glow and stop it looking dull in the winter months, which it kind of did, but it left my hands really, really orange afterwards in spite of washing them throughly when I was done. It also has that really terrible fake tan smell which I really dislike! Definitely won't be repurchasing!

This is a really lovely cream cleanser, I massage a dollop onto a dry, fully made-up face in the evening and wipe off with a warm damp flannel and it takes off every bit of makeup. It leaves the skin feeling nicely plumped up rather than screaming out for moisturiser. It's been a while now since I ditched the foaming facial cleaners and the benefits to my skin have be tremendous. This was already my second bottle of the stuff and the next one is already by my sink. 

As I love the cleanser from this range so much I thought I'd give the moisturiser a go! It's a lovely light moisturiser which sinks into the skin nicely and keeps it moisturised all day. It also creates a great base for makeup, allowing your foundation to sit nicely on the skin and look natural. Unfortunately it doesn't contain an SPF, so one needs to be added on top. Will I repurchase this? Possibly in the future, but for now I'll be trying out a few others I have my eye on! 

These radiance boosting pads promise to resurface the skin using glycolic acid, therefore reducing pigmentation/sunspots, softening fine lines and generally improving skin texture, and they do exactly that! The instructions tell you to use them once or twice daily but as my skin is a little on the sensitive side I used one every other night, which meant they lasted quite a long time! They are great if you have blocked pores. These ran out a couple of weeks ago and I can already see the difference from not using them.  Much as I love these, I won't be repurchasing them right away as there are a few similar products on the market that I'd like to try out first. 

This is a great product for naturally curly and wavy hair and it's as cheap as chips! (Or possibly cheaper depending on where you're buying your chips from) It's just 1.89 for the small size! I've been using this since I was about 12 and Ive yet to find anything better! On days when I can't be bothered to blow dry my hair I put in a pump of serum and a 10p sized blob of this, run it through and just leave it! It seems to group all the frizz together into lovely spirally curls. This also comes in a larger size, which is the one I usually buy but the small one is great for holidays! Already repurchased. 

This is a lovely primer and the best high-street (drugstore) one I've tried so far. It applies really nicely and gives your skin that lovely velvety finish. As with most primers, it helps your foundation go on really nicely and last a lot longer. The only annoying thing about this is the pot that it comes in! It's quite a narrow pot and you really have to dig your fingers in to get the product out, not great if you have long nails! I may repurchase this in the future but I think I'll try out the Garnier Perfect Blur one next!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?


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