Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Favourites

This shower gel smells like a cross between Miss Dior and Coco Mademoiselle! If that doesn't make it a life time favourite then I don't know what will! As if that isn't enough it has a built in moisturiser so your skin feels nice and soft when you're done. Great for girls (like me) who often can't be bothered/ are too busy/ in a rush to moisturise post shower. Any multifunctional product that saves on time is a winner with me.

Another great time saver from Soap & Glory, this clever little foot cream contains exfoliating fruit acids which gently eat away at all the dead skin. Slather on a generous amount, pop on some socks before  bed time and wake up to baby soft feet that feel like they've been scrubbed at for hours. This is all you need for sandal season.

Aside from the terrible product name, I've been loving this recently. In attempt to 'save' my hair, which is currently in terrible condition I've been laying off the hairdryer and straighteners and going au naturel. A blob of this post hair wash means hair dries into curls rather than just a frizzy mess. Plus who wants to be sweating with the hair dryer in this heat?

This is something I bought quite recently and have been using some nights instead of a night cream. I have previously tried The Body Shop's Aloe Restoring Mask which I used to use in the same way, and I much prefer this one! It has a really light, jelly like texture and feels really fresh when you apply it. When I wake up in the morning it has all sunk in and I'm left with really soft, plumped up skin. 

I love this fragrance in the summertime, I had a bottle of this back when I was in school and although I've grown out of all the other ones I liked, this has remained a firm favourite. It's really fresh and citrusy and takes me back to when I wore it on my honeymoon. 

This is a great chip resistant formula that lasts about 5 days without chipping, I'm really into bluey green polishes at the moment.

A lovely balmy primer which I've been using under makeup to keep makeup put and shine at bay, I've also been using The Body Shop's Tea Tree Pore Minimiser which I did a full review of here

Sephora - Highlighting Compact Powder in Golden

This is a great highlighting powder which I bought from Sephora on a recent trip to France, it smells a bit like talcum powder, which I still can't decide if I like or not but either way the powder leaves the face with a nice glow.

This eyeshadow pencil is a lovely rich shimmery copper and is really easy to use, a quick swipe over the lids, blended in with i finger and it's there to stay. As it's waterproof it won't budge till you remove it, great in this hot weather. 

I've been trying out a sample of this foundation and I really like it. I'm planning to buy it when I'm on holiday in America where it's a lot cheaper. It leaves an amazingly natural finish in spite of being medium to full coverage.   

I did a full review of this which you can check out here, it's a great matte mid toned brown eyeshadow which I've been using to fill in brows and all over the lid. Definitely a long term favourite. 

A quick slick of this Lip Butter leaves lips with a sheer wash of colour which can also built be built up for a strong statement pout. They are pretty foolproof so can be thrown into your bag and applied without a mirror!

What products have you been loving in July? 


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