Thursday, 11 July 2013

Make your own Bath Melts

A really simple way of making some lovely bath melts! You'll only need 4 things,

Essential Oil of your choice

Dried Flowers (I made my own but you can get some here)

Petit Four Cases (I got mine from tesco but here are some cuter ones!)

Melt the coco butter in the microwave for 30 seconds then add about 8 drops of your essential oil. 

Crumble in some of the dried flower petals and give the whole thing a stir. 

Carefully spoon the mixture into the petit four cases. 

Add the prettiest of your petals to the top and leave them to set. Don't attempt to move them before they're fully set. 

Once your melts are set, (about 4 hours should do it) you're good to go! Pop them into a jar and keep them by your bath, or wrap them up to give someone as a homemade gift! When you're ready to use one just take it out of the case and drop it into a hot bath, lay back, and relax....


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