Friday, 26 July 2013

Sleek Palettes

When it comes to high street blushers, no one does 'em quite like Sleek! Lets start with the packaging which is really, ermm. . . Sleek? There really isn't any other way to describe it! Lovely thin, black compacts with no extra bulk (or useless brushes) that fit into a small makeup bag nicely. 

I have the Blush by 3 in Pumpkin (top) and the Face Contour Kit in Light (bottom)

The former contains 3 highly pigmented blushers with serious colour payoff, all lovely shades that would suit any skin tone, if used correctly. This definitely isn't one for heavy handed application, you will look like a clown (you have been warned!) Dab the pan very lightly, preferably with a duo fibre brush as they pick up less product, dust of onto the back of your hand and then apply gradually. You can always add more but you can't take away! 

Scary as these might look, when applied and blended out, really look lovely, fresh and summery. You can quite easily go for a subtle, natural look or build it up to be a statement. If you do the latter I suggest keeping the rest of your makeup look minimal, a good base, some mascara and a bit of lip balm ought to do it!

Next up is the Face Contour Kit in Light, again split into 3, the first is a peach blusher with gold shimmer running through it, extremely similar to THAT blusher from Nars. This is a great one for tired and dull skin days, it seems to really brighten the skin and make you look fresher and healthier. In the middle is a light champagne coloured highlighter, dusted onto the tops of cheekbones and along the centre of the nose, this one also gives the skin a lovely glow. Although I do tend to keep this one just for evenings as it it quite shimmery. Last up is a matte bronzer which is very versatile, dust all over to add a bit of colour or build up in the cheekbone hollows for a contoured look. I tend to use this one when I want a subtle contour, as I find it looks a little ashy and dull against my skin tone if I build it up too much. That said I hear it works really well built up on fairer skin tones. 

These are both great little kits, and are available in lots of other colours, next on my wish list is the Sweet Cheeks palette which has a cream blusher formula in it! At 9.99 each from superdrug they are great value for 3 such good quality blushers, and being so pigmented they will last a really long time! 

Have you tried any Sleek blushers? What colours would you recommend?


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