Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Color Run

Those of you who follow me on twitter (@peonyandpeach) will know that on sunday I took part in The Colour Run in London! It's a really fun day which will be happening every year and all the money raised goes to Cancer Research. 

The run is a very laid back 5k, I went on a few practise runs so that I wasn't terrible on the day, but we were having so much fun throwing coloured powders at each other that we forgot to run most of the time! 

A few things to remember if you're going to give it a go next year, leave your ipod at home, there's music blasting speakers all the way along the run. Take a camera so you get lots of good pictures, and get all your friends together and go in a big group!

If you live in Manchester, Belfast or Brighton you can still do it this summer! For dates and more information, check out their website 

Hope you enjoy the happiest 5k on the planet!


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