Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mojito Makin'

While we were in Chicago we had a night in, Jake and I made lots of yummy food, while Maggie and Erik were in charge of cocktails! Our cocktail of choice was the Mojito, here's how we made them!

To make 2 you'll need:

2 1/2 Limes
4 Heaped Spoons White Sugar
6 Mint Stalks 
4 Scoops Ice 
3 Shots White Rum
120 ml Soda Water/Club Soda

Cut your limes into quarters and put 5 into each glass

Add 2 spoons of sugar into each glass

For the next step you'll need a muddler, but don't worry if you don't have one, you can always use the back of a wooden spoon!

Muddle the limes and sugar together till they've given up their juice.

Next you'll need some fresh mint

Add 3 full sprigs into each glass, make sure you don't tear them. I've been told this is very important!

Muddle it again gently 

Add in 1 scoop of ice 

Then pour in a shot and a half of white rum (3 secs of pouring)

Pour in 60 ml of club soda or soda water

Then, using a spoon, 'pull' it upwards to mix it all together

Finish by topping it up with another cup of ice, pop in a straw,

and enjoy! (responsibly of course) 

A huge thanks to Maggie for taking the wonderful pictures and to Erik for creating the perfect Mojito recipe!


  1. mojitos are my absolute favourite drink, although I have been really into making my own sangria lately.

    1. I love Sangria too, can you recommend a good recipe to try? xx

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