Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Pre Holiday Haul

I picked up a few things in preparation for my holiday, one thing I wanted in particular was a nice pair of wedges, something that would me feel like I was making a bit of an effort and give me a little extra height as well as being comfortable enough to wear walking around all day. I was lucky enough to find just the pair in New Look, and in tan too, so perfect with everything I’ll be packing.

 I usually take a full sized shower gel on a 2 week trip as I share it with my (heavy handed) husband and this one smells just like a bottle full of freshly squeezed limes. It’s really summery and refreshing, perfect for the hot weather.

I like to have a refreshing face spritz with me and when I saw the Simple Moisture Boost Hydro Mist I thought it would be a great alternative to the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It comes in a much lighter plastic bottle rather than the glass one so it’s better for flying and of course it’s much cheaper.

I also wanted a mini hair serum/argan oil product, this one is Got2b Oil-licious by Scwartxkopf it comes in a tiny bottle and was really cheap so I thought I’d try it out! I also grabbed a mini deodorant and a mini version of my favourite body scrub, Flake Away by Soap & Glory.

Sun protection is an absolute essential on holiday for everyone, regardless of skin colour. The Once a Day Sun Protection SPF 50+ from Riemann P20 is perfect as it comes in a convenient spray bottle and is a clear liquid which doesn’t leave skin with a white overcast. It is a bit more expensive than others but you only have to apply it once a day as apposed to every 3 hours so you’ll be using a lot less.

I also ventured into H&M where I found this lovely long sleeve, fine knit jumper. I’m always cold on flights and in the evenings on holiday so this one is perfect as it’s just about warm enough while the pastel and neon stripes keep it looking summery.  

While in H&M I also spotted this neon coral and white striped dress with a black cord drawstring, I was immediately drawn to the colour as I love brights. The drawstring sits just above the hips but while trying it on I found it a lot more flattering to pull it up to the waist to tie it and let it drape over. It’s a very flattering shaped dress that would suit any figure.

Most days I stick to my standard uniform of jeans, a T-Shirt and a statement necklace and I find H&M are good for basic T-Shirts. I liked this one because of the texture, It’s a plain colour with a bit of a twist.

What do you buy before you head off on holiday?


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