Friday, 30 August 2013


When it comes to nail art, I'm most definitely a newbie. I tend to stick to safe all one colour options,  brights, glitter and the occasional ombre nails are about as crazy as things get. I've attempted a bit of nail art in the past but it's almost always gone horribly wrong and been wiped away seconds later. I've been confined to looking at pretty images of nail art on pintrest and thats about it! 

I've seen nail wraps about quite a bit and I've always thought they were a pretty good idea, but I've never ever found a single pattern that I like, (maybe I'm a bit too fussy!) until now. They've all seemed a bit too in your face for my liking, but these ones caught my eye. Little jewel coloured squares against a clear background, I thought they'd be quite subtle!

I decided to dip my toe in gently by just using the wraps on my my ring fingers and going for a neutral colour on the rest. They are really easy to use as they're basically just stickers! Choose the right size, peel it off, stick it on and file the excess off. Simple! I painted my nail and let it dry first but only because these particular wraps have a transparent background. 

I used Avon Nail Art Design Strips in Check You Out, they do a whole range of designs which are worth checking out. You get 18 in a pack, which is ridiculously annoying but seems to be standard with all wraps. Of course, if like me you'll just be doing a feature nail, then it doesn't matter so much!

The nail varnish I used was Model's Own in Buff Pink, it's a great french manicure type nudey-pink which looks great after 2-3 coats. The colour after just one coat is really, really nice. A subtle 'my nails but better' kind off look but it just streaks like crazy so you can't really get away with it. If anyone knows of a colour similar to this that is quite sheer and doesn't streak I'm all ears!

Have you tried Nail Wraps before? What are your favourite designs? 



  1. Your nails look absolutely lovely! That nail polish looks amazing as well, I'm such a fan of pale pinks! x

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