Saturday, 3 August 2013

Object of Desire - Giles Notebooks

In recent years I've really made an effort to keep myself organised. Back in my teens I was possibly the most disorganised person you'd ever meet. One thing I find is when I have pretty stationary it gives me an incentive to get it out so I can write lists and plan my days! Silly I know, but if you find something that works for you then why not make the most of it? Since starting this blog I have become a meticulous planner, as I'm posting everyday I need to think ahead, and of course I need somewhere to write it all down! 

I currently have a couple of notebooks on the go so I don't really 'need' one, but on numerous occasions while browsing the Matches sale these have caught my attention. You can find the Coral/Yellow one here and the Blue/Purple one here. They look so luxurious but still really young and fun, I'd take one of these over Smythson any day! I really love the bold colours which are printed onto cotton canvas, but I just can't quite decide which I like better!

Which do you prefer?


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