Thursday, 22 August 2013

Spa at The Bellagio

The Spa at The Bellagio is like nothing I've every seen before. A huge space filled with everything a spa could ever need. The area within the women's spa has a sauna, eucalyptus scented steam room, 3 hot jacuzzis and an ice cold plunge pool. 

The walls are lined with shelves full to the brim with fluffy white towels, all of which smell like something I can only describe as buttery popcorn and candy floss. When I enquired as to what the scent was, I was told 'tranquility'. Nice. Just as we were heading out of that section we spotted a draw labelled 'ice towels', we pressed them into our faces and felt utterly refreshed. 

The changing rooms dressing area at the spa is what beauty dreams are made of. Big squishy sofas filled with cushions sit in between locker rows, an just around the corner there is the make up station, rows of dressing tables, with stools and lit up mirrors line the walls. 

The hair area was even better, more rows of mirrors, and each station had not just a hairdryer but straighteners and various curling irons in different sizes. As well as that, there was an array of products at each station, hair spray, root lifting moose, etc. We spent a while getting ready there, in fact we were the last ones there and the staff were tapping their feet waiting for us to leave! 

We found a 'tranquility room' hidden away near the treatment rooms where we sat in our fluffy robes and tried not to fall asleep. Maggie and I had just had a 'Body Peel' treatment, a body scrub massage with a product that contained Alpha Hydroxy Acids (Naturally occurring fruit acids which break down dead skin cells) after that was showered off, a light but intensive body lotion also containing AHAs was massaged into the skin. 

I would definitely recommend The Bellagio Spa if you're ever in Vegas, and the best thing is, you get free access to the spa all day when you have a treatment! 


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