Sunday, 29 September 2013

My Avon Eyeliner Collection

I knew that I had a few Avon eyeliners, but it wasn't till I got them all out to photograph that I realised quite how many! They have two main ranges of eyeliners, the Super Shock range and the Glimmerstick range.

My favourites are from the Super Shock range, they are a buttery soft gel formula in a pencil form that set when they dry, and just do not budge! They look really good blended out with a cotton bud (Q-tip) but make sure you work quickly as they dry quite fast. They also look great as a clean neat line and the colour range is brilliant with more limited edition shades coming out every now and then.

The colours I have are, (from left) Aqua Pop, a rich, vibrant peacock blue that adds a great little pop of colour to a simple look. The next one along, Flash, I bought thinking it was a plain matte nude eyeliner like the Rimmel Scandaleyes one but in fact it's a champagney pink shimmery shade that looks lovely in the inner corner as well as in the waterline. In the middle is Blackberry, a limited edition shade from last year, it's a lovely deep, shimmery, purple-brown that is my most used shade of the bunch, I'm really hoping they bring this one back before I've used mine up! The next one along is Khaki, the shade is true to it's name with a very shimmery finish, I haven't quite found a way to make this one work for me yet but I'll keep experimenting with it! The last one is Steel, a dark grey with a full on metallic finish that looks great smudged out along the top lash line, it's a great alternative for when you feel that black 'might be a bit much'. 

The other range that I want to talk about are the Glimmerstick eyeliners, they are more of a waxy, traditional eyeliner formula that come in a super convenient twist up pencil, no sharpening required. The colour range is also more traditional with shades of browns and blacks and a few very dark jewel tones. First up is night star, which is part of the 'chromes' range, as you would imagine, all the colours in this range have a chrome finish! This one is a deep, dark blue that seems to make eyes look brighter. 

The next one down is from their 'diamonds' range, in the shade Brown Glow and is the  newest edition to my collection, it's a perfect shimmery bronze. Just shimmery enough and just dark enough, it works amazingly well scribbled messily along the upper and lower lash lines and softly blended out with a finger, it adds just a hint of definition to the eyes and somehow brings a lovely warmth to the face. It also works brilliantly with a just a bold lip and a swipe of mascara. 

Ok, so the next one down isn't actually an eyeliner, it's an eyebrow pencil but as it sits within the Glimmersticks range, I thought I'd throw it in! I have the shade Soft Black, which is in fact more of a dark brown, but a very dark brown, so only go for this one if you have naturally very dark hair (unless of course your going for the Scouse-brow look!) 

Last up, back to eyeliners, of course everyone needs a true black and this one's mine. It's the shade Blackest Black from the regular Glimmerstick range and it's completely matte and very pigmented, a classic really, what more can I say?

Overall I would have to say my favourite range is definitely Super Shock, as the gel formulas are just amazing, super creamy, no drag, incredible pigment, blend well, dry and stay put! That combined with an amazing shade range. What more could you want from an eyeliner? Since trying them I definitely don't think I'll be buying any high end eyeliners anytime soon, these ones outperform all the ones that I've tried and are a fraction of the price. They are all £6.00 but are currently half price so only £3.00!

Which is your favourite of the lot?  



  1. I love avon! You should try the supershock mascara, it's AMAZING! Great review :D

  2. These look like they have a good pigmented colour! I might have to get some from my friend who has just become an Avon rep!


    Madison's Assortment

  3. Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt29 September 2013 at 19:25

    I don't know what I'm doing wrong with the Supershock liners but I find that they smudge throughout the day and at least on me they have never stayed as immaculately as on others :/. Xx

  4. Thanks! I have tried it and I really like it, but not quite as much as my Rimmel Scandaleyes xx

  5. You should, they come on half price every now and then, so it's worth looking out for that! xx

  6. Oh no! I've never heard of that happening with anyone before! Do you use a very rich/creamy eye cream? Maybe try an eyeshadow primer underneath? xx


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