Friday, 20 September 2013

Review - Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Lotion

When it comes to Caudalie, most people automatically think Beauty Elixir or even maybe Divine Oil, but in fact Caudalie make a huge number of amazing products, I've never tried a single thing that I don't like! 

I recently bought the Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Lotion when they had their sale on. I just picked up the smallest size because my skin can sometimes be a bit sensitive and react to new products. Well it's safe to say I needn't have worried! This stuff is amazing, it's so calming and soothing on the skin and it leaves it feeling really clean and super soft. 

It comes with a pump top which I love, I wish everything came with a pump top, it would make things so much quicker and easier! I use 1 pump in the mornings and two in the evening to get all my makeup off. I simply massage it into dry skin till it's broken up all my makeup, waterproof mascara included. Then wipe it off with a warm, damp flannel. Although the instructions say to remove it with cotton pads, I find this way works best for me. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and plumped up, what more could you ask for in a cleanser? I then follow it with my usual toner, serum and moisturiser. 

When mine runs out I'll definitely be buying it again, it seems to be yet another Caudalie product I can't do without! It comes in 3 different sizes which is quite handy if you fancy trying it out in a small size before parting with the cash for the bigger sizes. Its comes in 100ml, 200ml and 400ml all of which you can get at feelunique. 


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