Monday, 30 September 2013

September Favourites

Essie is by far my favourite nail varnish brand and this month I've been loving the shade Aperitif, it's the perfect red that just works all year round and the formula lasts a lot longer on me than other polishes before chipping. I've reapplied this one over and over this month!

On a day to day basis eyeshadows always tend to be the forgotten step in my makeup routine, but since I did my Autumn Makeup Bag post I've been making an attempt to experiment a bit more. I've been turning to my bargain MUA Palette in Undressed almost everyday!  Particularly the darker matte brown (top row 5th from left) and the shimmery bronze (bottom row 1st from left).

I got this in the FeelUnique sale at the end of august and loved it immediately! I did a full review of it which you can see here, it's a great cream cleanser which is super gentle on skin, smells lovely and removes every last scrap of makeup. I've been massaging it on and flanneling it off.

There are a huge amount of ways in which you can use Coconut Oil which I spoke about here, but this month I've been using it as a hair treatment a lot. It's really moisturising, I just run the bottle under a hot tap, work it through my hair, leave it for half an hour then wash it out. It's been helping to get my dry and damaged hair back to a good condition!

Project Art by Nest Pineapple Mango Candle

I love burning candles on cosy autumn evenings and this month I've been loving this one, it's so warm and fruity smelling and it fills the entire room with fragrance really quickly. Unfortunately this candle was limited edition and it's really difficult to get hold of so I'm trying (and failing) not to burn it too much.

Step aside Diorshow Blackout, there's a new favourite in town! This is everything I could ever want in a mascara, it adds length, volume and pigment all in a few quick swipes. I'll definitely be buying this again and again.

What products have you been loving through September?



  1. Loved this post, my favourite polishes are essie too they last so long, love that colour, im currently wearing fiji atm :)

    Frankie xxx

  2. This Essie colour is really pretty, and you have a lovely blog! x

  3. Thank you! xx


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