Saturday, 12 October 2013

Oh Boy!

When it comes to dressing I usually keep it pretty simple, jeans and T-shirts with an occasional pair of heels here and there. When I do make a bit more of an effort it's usually a bit more girly, I love vintage dresses and the odd statement necklace. 

Brogues were never really something that caught my eye but in the summer I thought I'd try something different and picked up a couple of pairs. If you live in England, you'll know we had a sweltering summer, so I ended up sticking to ballerinas, my usual shoe of choice as well as lots of sandals, and my poor new Brogues were soon pushed to the back of the wardrobe and forgotten.

Not any more! Now that the weather has well and truly turned, I've dug them out and they have so far been my autumn shoe of choice. They add great edge to an otherwise too girly outfit! I bought the Cream Pair from Asos, and the metallic pair from New Look, similar pair here.

What do you think of Brogues? 



  1. Love the cream pair! I'm after a black pair of brogues x

  2. Have a look on Asos they have loads!


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