Thursday, 17 October 2013

Review - Sedu Revolution 4000i

If you thought all hairdryers were made equal, you'd be wrong. This one's in a league of it's own. It's the most powerful hairdryer I've ever come across. If you have super fine, flyaway hair that air dries in minutes, you definitely don't need this! If on the other hand, like mine, your hair is thick and curly and takes forever to blow dry then this will be a life saver! Mine can take 45 mins to dry with a normal hair drier but with this I've managed to cut it down to 15! 

It has 2 heat settings and 2 power settings, I use the stronger ones for both to save time. It's is also super lightweight, amazing considering how much more powerful it it! I got mine a few years ago from Space NK, but they don't seem to be selling them anymore. They are available directly from the Sedu website and although they are pretty expensive, they're definitely worth it! 


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