Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Review - Stella by Stella McCartney EDP

I did a review a couple of weeks ago on Marc Jacobs, Lola and it was really popular, so I thought I'd review another one of my perfumes! This time it's Stella by Stella McCartney. As I've said before I tend to go for quite contemporary floral fragrances, usually with floral heart notes and a hint of citrus or musk. 

This one is definitely one of my favourites, usually I have certain fragrances that I tend to wear either in the evening or in the day time, in the summer months or the colder months but this one is the exception to that. It's one of the few that I quite regularly wear any day, any time. I'd quite happily wear this perfume to a job interview, but I'd also wear it on date night, there aren't many fragrances that can pull that off! 

Well, what's in it? I hear you ask, well, let me tell you!

Top Notes - Rose Essence, Peony Flower and Mandarin Essence

Heart Notes - Rose Absolute

Base Notes - Woods and Amber 

It's no surprise I like it so much as Peony, Rose and Mandarin are some of my most favourite scents! The addition of the mandarin and the woods and amber take this fragrance from something quite traditional to something really contemporary. It really is a modern twist on a classic. If this sounds like something you might like, I'd definitely recommend you go take a sniff! 

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the bottle? I know it's the scent inside that matters more but a lovely bottle can make a difference too! I know that people have very different tastes when it comes to bottles, I like something quite sleek and unfussy that still looks glamorous on the dressing table and travels well and this one ticks all those boxes!

Stella by Stella McCartney is available in 3 sizes 30ml, 50ml and 100ml 


  1. One of my friends has this and its amazing! Also the bottle, as you said, is so beautiful and, frankly, very practical, because you can throw it in your purse so easily!


  2. Definitely, this is certainly one well travelled bottle! xx


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