Thursday, 21 November 2013

Miss Sporty Mascara Review

First of all let me mention the fact that Miss Sporty Fabulous Lash Xtra Black Lash Building Mascara costs 1.99, yes 1.99! So it's bound to be rubbish right? Well actually no! I ended up grabbing this purely because it was the cheapest on a day when I was in a huge rush, needed to do my makeup in the car, and half way to my destination realised I hadn't packed my mascara!

When I tried it I was pleasantly surprised! Now it's not the most amazing one swipe and you're done mascara, it does take a bit of work but it's extremely buildable so it's well worth the effort. The brush is quite narrow, not something I would usually go for, but the bristles are packed really close together so you don't get any clumping, just really separated, full, dark lashes. Definitely worth a try! 


  1. i love looking for cheaper mascaras - this looks great!

  2. It is, definitely worth a try!


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