Sunday, 19 January 2014

Boots Haul

Another day, another haul. But the last one was all with boots points (therefore free) and this one is more needs than wants, plus it doesn't include any makeup so it doesn't really count, right?

Moving on, let me tell you what I actually got! First up I ordered some more of my trusty Caudalie Grape Water from FeelUnique, I've gone on and on about how much I love this stuff (here) so it was just yet another repurchase of the stuff. It's great for dry and sensitive winter skin.

Next up was my trip to Boots, I'd heard Amelia talk about the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Hair Healer Leave In Conditioner and seeing as how I've loved all her previous hair product recommendations, I decided to pick one up. I also got the Moisture Seal Shampoo and Hair Rescue Masque from the same range as I needed some more anyway and I like to use products from the same range together!

Come rain or shine, coconut oil is a staple in my beauty routine, I spoke about all the ways I use it here. This one comes in a nice little glass jar that I can always top up from a bigger bottle which is handy. The more sensitive my skin gets, the more I tend to use this stuff, at the moment it's all I'm using to remove makeup and I keep reapplying it (about every 15 mins) to a pesky dry patch that just won't budge. Sexy, I know. 

Said dry patch is on my eyelid, and everything I put on it seems to be making it burn at the moment. I got this cucumber eye gel in the hope that it would be soothing and calming, fingers crossed it is! 

Nailfiles, we all know how they work so there isn't much to say about those, but I do always specifically get these Double Faced Cotton Pads, one side is designed to take things of, like removing makeup/nail varnish etc and the other side is designed to put things on, like when using toner. I know it sounds like a bit of a gimmick and they are slightly pricier but if you are using decent products you end up saving in the long run. I find I need a lot less product when I'm using them.

Last but not least I bought Maybelline Colour Show Nail Varnish in Clear to use as a base and top coat because my current one has gone gloomy, but more on that in my next empties post!

Have you tried any of these products before?



  1. I really want to try coconut oil and some things from the brand caudalie! Great post! :)
    I also really like your blog!

  2. Thank you! Everyone should try coconut oil, it's so cheap! Caudlie products are definitely worth a try too, they're one of my favourite skincare brands!

  3. That Charles Worthington shampoo looks amazing, you’ve tempted me to get it!!! :-) xx

    Helen @

  4. Let me know how you get on with it!


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