Sunday, 26 January 2014

REVIEW: Clinique Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser

I'm not a big fan of foaming cleansers and this one only reminded me of that. I like to keep things quite positive on this blog but I do feel it's important to mention when I don't like things too.

I generally prefer cream and oil based cleansers because I find they're a lot kinder on the skin, the only time I really use foaming cleansers is if I'm travelling. I had a mini version of Clinique's Rinse-off Foaming Cleanser so I thought I might as well give it a try.

It's safe to say I really, really didn't like it! It foams up well but isn't great at removing makeup, something I always expect a cleanser to. I had to wash my face twice to get it all of and it left my skin feeling really awful. It felt tight, squeaky, uncomfortable and dry. Even after pilling on the moisturiser afterwards my skin still didn't feel quite same. 

That said, everyone's skin is different so what doesn't work for me might well work for you! 


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