Saturday, 15 February 2014

REVIEW: Anatomicals Spray Misty for Me Facial Spritz

I've spoken about facial sprays before, I particularly love the Caudalie ones (read more here) but I recently tried the Anatomicals Spray Misty for Me Facial Spritz and I quite like it!

It doesn't overtake my love of the Caudalie ones, but then it's quite a bit cheaper. Enriched with peppermint, rose and aloe, it soothes and refreshes the skin. I personally love the fragrance, the peppermint makes it really reviving while the rose and aloe tone it down a notch and give it a softer edge. 

The only real disadvantage with this product is the spray top, where the Caudalie ones give out a really fine mist that leaves a light veil over the skin, this is a bit heavier. Once I've spritzed it onto my face I find my the top of my hair and half of my T shirt is covered too, not great if your hair is prone to a bit of frizz! I also find it leaves skin almost wet rather that just ever so slightly damp, so if you're using it over makeup to perk up the skin you could find your mascara on the run!

I've be using mine as a toner which works really well, over all I really like it and I think I'll love it even more in the summer because of its refreshing properties!  



  1. I've heard the Caudalie one is really nice, so hopefully I can try that out one day. Thank you for sharing a cheaper version, this one sounds like a lovely cool down for the skin! x

    Kathryn | effievanity

  2. It's definitely worth a try, but Caudalie is still my favourite, you definitely need to try it!


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