Friday, 4 April 2014

Empties #7

Welcome to another Empties post where I talk about all the products I've used up, what I thought of them and whether or not I would repurchase them. 

First up is a trio from Boots Extracts, the Shower Gel, Sugar Scrub and Body Butter which I got together in a set in the Christmas sales. The Shower Gel is nothing fancy really, it does the job, but the Sugar Scrub (full review here) and Body Butter (full review here) are seriously amazing! The scrub really smoothes out the skin and leaves it feeling really silky and the body butter is really rich but sinks into the skin amazingly quickly. 

Repurchase? Shower Gel, Maybe. Sugar Scrub and Body Butter, Definitely!

Next, more body products, it's only when I do these empties posts that I realise how quickly I go through them! The Soap & Glory Smoothie Star is one that I unfortunately didn't like at all and found a bit of a chore to use up. I just didn't like the scent at all. On the other end of the scale was the Righteous Butter, also by Soap & Glory which I absolutely loved (full review here). It smells amazing and the rich formula really nourished my skin. 

Repurchase? Smoothie Star, No. Righteous Butter, Yes 

On to hair products, the Charles Worthington Salon at Home Moisture Seal Mineral Rescue Masque is one I just can't rave enough about. It featured in my recent favourites post and I also did a full review which you can see here. It's basically the best drugstore hair conditioner I've ever tried!

Repurchase? Already have

The Lee Stafford Dehumidifier is a product I've been using for such a long time but I'm starting to wonder if it's just out of habit or maybe not wanting to risk not using it! It's a spray that creates a moisture barrier on your hair to stop it frizzing up in damp or humid weather conditions. I may have to do a half hair test with this one!

Repurchase? Yes

I've been using chemical exfoliators on my face as of late instead of manual grainy scrubs and the results have been great. The La Roche-Posay Effaclar Micro Exfoliant Astringent Lotion (full review here) is one of those products. It has improved my skin texture a great deal. 

Repurchase? Maybe, there are a few others I'd like to try first.

Another product that I've absolutely loved is the Botanics Facial Oil (full review here) it's a great night time facial oil which contains some great ingredients. It's a great budget alternative to higher end versions and I find it's just as good! It's improved my skin texture and helped fade old blemish marks.

Repurchase? Definitely

Lastly, a lip balm from Avon in Orange Kiss, this balm smelt absolutely delicious! Especially to me as I have a bit of a weakness for orange/satsuma/mandarin scented products, but unfortunately that's where it ended. The balm didn't last very long at all on the lips and once it wore off it left them feeling drier than they were to start with. Such a shame!

Repurchase? No

What products have you used up recently?



  1. I love product empties post! This one is great! Xo, Alexandra

  2. thank you!


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