Friday, 25 April 2014

The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Range

Those of you who keep up with The Body Shop's Limited Edition ranges will know that this one's an oldie! I got it a while ago but because I have a tendency to hoard bath and body products I've only just got round to opening them. They're so lovely and smell so delicious that I just couldn't help reviewing them, they're no longer available but who knows, maybe The Body Shop will bring them back one day! 

The scent of this range really is delicious, like fresh, sweet lemonade. Very uplifting during a miserable spring! 

I never have much to say about shower gels, this one lathers well and gets the job done, what more do you need? The body butter on the other hand I could go on and on about, it doesn't have quite as strong a scent as the shower gel and scrub but what it lacks in that department it more than makes up for in formula. As with all of The Body Shop Body Butters it has a rich formula which sinks into the skin well, and leaves the skin feeling lastingly nourished and moisturised. 

The Body Scrub is by far the most delicious smelling one of the lot, I often find using scrubs a bit of a chore but this one is such a pleasure to use. I just rub it into damp skin using circular motions and rinse it off. It leaves skin feeling lovely and smooth and perfectly prepped to soak in lots of moisturiser. 

Which Limited Edition range do you wish The Body Shop would bring back? 



  1. I'm damn sure I would've loved the shower gel as I love citrus scents but I tried that body scrub and it was horrible for me! Felt so greasy and my skin got super dry after my shower. Happy to hear it worked for you though!

  2. Such a shame the scrub didn't work for you! You'd definitely have loved the shower gel. Let's hope they decide to bring it back!


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