Friday, 16 May 2014

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Curl Creme

My hair is naturally very curly but I haven't worn it that way in a really long time. I'm talking years! I always usually blow-dry it straight and then either straighten it or tong the ends. Years of doing this has left my hair in pretty bad condition so recently I've been attempting to use as little heat as possible on it. My only problem is, I've never been able to find a curl friendly hair product that's been quite right. They either leave my hair feeling crispy or don't really do anything at all, meaning in a couple of hours it turns into a frizzy mess. 

Understandably, I had pretty low expectations for the Lee Stafford Argan Oil Curl Creme, purely because nothing has really worked for me before. I was, however, completely blown away by it! The formula is spot on, not so thick that it weights the hair down but not so thin that it's just a runny liquid that goes all over the place. The bottle recommends using a grape sized amount but as my hair is quite thick and long, I've been using nearly a golf ball sized amount! I just run it through all of my hair, section by section, all the way from the roots to the tips. I then twist 2-3cm sections of hair between my fingers to 'form' the curl, this does take me a while but blowdrying my hair usually takes even longer so I don't really mind. I then leave it to dry naturally and I'm left with light, bouncy curls! 

I really can't believe how much this product has revolutionised the way I do my hair, I would definitely recommend it to anyone with natural waves or curls. The only downside is, as I need to use quite a lot, I'll probably be going though this bottle at lighting speed! I don't mind that too much though as it's not a particularly expensive product. 

What do you use to style your hair?


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  1. Recently I've been wanting to waear my hair curly, but as my hair is chemically straightened (permed) I'm unable to do so :( It would have been great to see before and after pics of your hair when using this product. Next time you do a product comparison of a hair product, could you show us some pics of you too? I'm now following you on GFC. I'd love it if you could follow me too? xx


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