Monday, 14 July 2014

Nip+Fab Yoga Blend Range

This stuff smells amazing. I shouldn't be surprised that I love the scent so much, I love lavender, coconut and rose, they're just not a combination I've ever smelt together, or thought would ever smell good together. It's a scent that's difficult to describe but the words 'spa like' spring to mind, Nip+Fab hit the nail on the head with their description, aromatic, soft and warming. If you're in your local Boots or Superdrug definitely give this stuff a sniff. 

I've mainly been using the Body Wash as a bubble bath as I find the scent so relaxing. It creates a great lather and fills the bathroom with the amazing scent that seems to linger for hours. 

The Body Scrub is described as a gentle one, with micro scrub beads and walnut shell to gently buff away dead skin cells. It's not something I would naturally gravitate towards as I tend to like my scrubs super 'scrubby' rather than gentle but I've been enjoying using it none the less (it may or may not have something to do with the fact that I adore the scent). The particles are quite tightly packed together which is something I like but for me this is definitely an everyday scrub rather than an intensive 2/3 times a week treatment. If you're into gentler scrubs then this is definitely one to check out. 

When it comes to body moisturisers, I always feel like they fall into one of two categories. The ones that smell nice and feel like a 'treat', and the ones that 'do something' or have a function that's more than just moisturising. This one seems to tick both boxes, which for me is a first. Yes, it smells amazing (I may have already mentioned that), and it moisturises skin incredibly well but it also contains Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic acids which mean that while on your skin it's also chemically exfoliating it. This, to me, makes up for the fact that the scrub is on the gentle side. Everytime I've used this it leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft, and that's coming from someone who uses a body moisturiser everyday. It's very rare that a Body Lotion make a noticeable difference to me. The formula is really great too, it's light and sinks in quickly and a little goes a long way so the huge 490ml bottle will be lasting me a while! 

All in all it's a great range, the Body Wash and Scrub are great, but for me the Body Lotion is definitely the stand out product. I may have to try their Energy Boost range next, lemon, grapefruit and sweet mandarin sound right up my street!

The Nip+Fab Yoga Blend range is available on ASOS as well as from  Superdrug.

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  1. Antonella_769414 July 2014 at 11:48

    Like this post:))

  2. I've tried a leg moisturiser i think it was, which came as a free sample in a magazine and it was absolutely fab! I ought to give the rest of the range a try :)

    Lots of Love, Ana

  3. I think I tried that one too! You definitely should! :)

  4. Hi Divya, I love lavender, coconut and rose so I think this range is totally right up my alley! I will have a look on Asos! Nice review! Following you on Bloglovin, Twitter and IG! Xo, Alexandra
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